Telo Systems Terminal TE580PD - DMR/LTE

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Producent: Telo Systems
Kod produktu: FEDA-2159B


When Radio Meets Mobile
The TE580PD enables extremely seamless communication and collaboration by integrating mission-critical DMR radio into a feature-rich mobile device.
It is originally designed for taking advantage of both advanced vividness and subtleties of multi-media communication as well as superb immediacy and stability of matured digital radio technology.
Dual-mode Always Available
The TE580PD supports seamless switching between broadband and narrowband networks. Even when catastrophic broadband failure happens during critical operations, TE580PD can provide point-to-point narrowband communication within 5km.
Pocket-Size, Easy to Use
One of The Most Lightweight② Dual-Mode PTT (218g), highly integrated hardware makes it small and compact. Ergonomic design delivers a more comfortable and friendly user experience.
Extremely Durable
IP67 waterproof, can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour, passed 1.5m height free drop test, you can take it to any tough place.
Main Features
● Industrial and compact design
● 3.1 inch touch screen
● Support GSM, 3G,4G/LTE, Wifi Network, DMR (DMO)
● With GPS capability and Bluetooth 4.0
● Live video streaming capability
● Exceptional sound effect equivalent to PMR radio
● Durable with IP67, 1,5m drop test
● 8MP camera (rear), 2MP camera (front), incl. flashlight
● Android 8.1
● High capacity battery 3600mAh
● Does not support DMR: IP multisite and Trunking mode (only simplex)
Scope of delivery
● 1x Terminal (TE580PD)
● 1x Battery (TSRB-3600)
● 1x USB Cable & AC Adapter (EU) (TE580USB)
● 1x User manual

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